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Instagram is fun and an amazing source of inspiration,  below my top #7 coolest girls that you have to follow on Instagram:

1 # Sincerely Jules 

I am sure you all know her already (if you don’t you should), she is THE blogger & THE muse for all the fashion addicts. All of her instagram posts are re blogged by all the fashion instagramers as soon as they hit the internet. She has an amazing style but also incredible life style and all her pictures are just amazing postcards from everywhere in the world. It’s a perfect source of inspirations for fashion, fashion details, life style, flowers, places and food pictures.

Pictures from Sincerely Jules Instagram page 

 2# Debiflue

This is the type of Instagram girl that you are really jealous of! Amazing life, body of a goddess and  that perfect sexy tan! She was travelling around the world with her boyfriend and all her pictures are just a dream. She is also the kind of girl who manages to take the perfect shots that you you try over and over to do yourself and never manage to get it quite right! Also she is using a really cool filter which make any picture a pop like a bombshell.

Pictures from Debiflue Instagram page


3# Meleponym

This is is my latest find, she is french and has the perfect effortless french style. She is also the queen of selfies and detail shots! All of her pictures are taken from same angle and place everyday which make all her looks really strong. And the creme de la creme (best of all in french) she is knitting all her jumpers herself and give tutorials on how to do it! Such a source of inspiration for making your own oversize jumpers.

Pictures from Meleponym instagram page

4# Lex Weinstein 

Being a surf girl and living in Australia help to have the perfect Insta page! This girl is the typical surfer which have the dreamy life that we all want and all her page is just to die for!

Pictures by Lex Weinstein Instagram page



5# The Salty Blonde

This is THE absolute beach babe. She lives in Hawai and all her pictures are divine. Amazing source of inspiration for your next summer posts on the beach. She also manages to get the effortless beach babe style all over the place.

Pictures from The Salty Blonde Instagram page



6# Maja Wyh

I am sure you must have seen her pictures on Tumblr or Instagram already! Maja is also everywhere on the fashion pages. She managed to get the effortless style with perfection and we all envie her legs and way or wearing layering.

Pictures from Maja Wyh Instagram page


7# Ruby Tuesday Matthews

Another Australian babe / Goddess. This girl is so on top of being beautiful with amazing style: She is also pregnant! Great source of inspirations for all the future mums who would like to take amazing pictures during their pregnancy  and also a nice goal for all the ones who would like to be pregnant one day :)

Pictures from Ruby Tuesday Matthews Instagram page
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